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American Cowboy Ammo is pleased to introduce the New ACA Cowboy .45 Special. This new load has a very low recoil, a reloadable brass case, and it features a 180 grain, round nose, flat point bullet that is ideal for improving your shooting velocity.

ACA Cowboy .45 Special

180 Grain Round Nose Flat Point

New Proprietary Brass Case


Muzzle Velocity: 475 fps

Perfect for Target Shooting, Training, Competition and Plinking

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American Cowboy Ammo is the perfect place to turn when you are looking for quality-built, cowboy style ammo loads. This particular load features a 200 grain, lead flat nose projectile perfect for your single-action revolver or your lever-action rifle and a reloadable brass case.

.45 Colt

200 Grain Lead Flat Nose

New Brass Cased


Muzzle Velocity: 636 fps

Perfect for Target Shooting, Training, and Plinking